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Psychology Marbella Psychologist in Marbella Hallin Mental Care

Psychology Marbella Psychologist in Marbella Hallin Mental Care

Psychology Marbella Psychologist in Marbella Hallin Mental Care

Hallin Mental Care Psychology in Marbella Psychologist in Marbella

We have a team of psychologists in Marbella, Sotogrande, Cadiz and Gibraltar, medical, nurses and psychiatrists who can travel to your home, is where, proportional to a more personalized treatment.

If you prefer to detox at home and specialists believe it is possible without risk to you, we will organize everything for you does not have to move to our clinic. We ensure maximum confidentiality, and a more personalized and comfortable treatment for the patient.

We have experience treating clients who live far from their home country and need psychiatric or psychological treatment. In some cases it is difficult for the patient to find a team of doctor who can help you in your own language in your country of residence.

Our Psychologists in Marbella speak the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian and German.

We can travel to your country of residence and make treatment.
Attention to customers outside our city or country is studied and planned individually, it could be online or with psychiatrist shift to the country of the customer, so each case will be studied, discussed and budgeted individually.
We never stay in the patient’s home.

Psychology Marbella / International Program – Hallin Mental Care

New website launched for Grill Kebab Marbella by Disenoideas

Diseñoideas are proud to launch the new website 2017 for GK Express - GK Sports Pub - GK Cafe In San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella and Puerto Banus

GK Express - GK Sports Pub - GK Cafe In San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella and Puerto Banus

If you’re looking for a special place to watch the live sports, we’ve got you covered. GK Sports Pub in San Pedro / Marbella is not a unique concept and we haven’t invented the formula but what we can do we do better.

To kick off the good time at GK we’ll be serving up your favorite international, craft beers and spirits, not to mention the range of house GK burgers, kebabs, pizzas and many kinds of comfort food. Our big screens, outdoors dining terraces and relaxed atmosphere is why we know that you will feel at home. Not your usual sports bar.

 GK Express - GK Sports Pub - GK Cafe In San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella and Puerto Banus

Three incredible offerings, one GK brand – to fit your mood, level of hunger or time to visit.

GK SPORTS PUB – for serious sports lovers, who never miss the big game and who like to share those moments together with the crowd of their kind, with shoulder next to shoulder from the first row.

GK CAFE – a cozy lounge where you can enjoy comfort food from dusk till dawn. Made with love by our gourmet chefs, honest food at real prices.

GK EXPRESS – fueling people who live their life fast and furiously.
We are a new place around, with a touch of urban chic, a bit rebellious, even revolutionary we would say, but honestly, we’re not changing the world, we just want to make it better

SoundHubMusic New website launched from Disenoideas

Disenoideas is proud to launch the latest website 2017

for SoundHubMusic.

SoundHubMusic and Disenoideas have been working together with the redesign of their new website and music app for Dj´s , artists and music producers. We have also been creating a new website, fully responsive with the latest updates to the soundhubmusic app.

Check out the new website design for 2017 SoundHubMusic.

soundhubmusic new app designed by disenoideas

SoundHubMusic App is a promotion tool for new music artists and DJs – Everything about SoundHubMusic is free

soundhubmusic new website 2017

SoundHubMusic App is a promotion tool for new music artists and DJs. Everything about SoundHubMusic is free. 

You can download the app for free and enjoy new great music, or you start your own hub (account) if you are creating music. We will help you to be seen, heard and discovered. We cooperate with some of the biggest names and companies in the music industry. 

Start your own hub today and upload your music and/or create links to posts you uploaded on soundcloud or youtube. Let people hear your sounds! 

For more information about soundhubmusic visit their website on


Friday, 16 June 2017

Psiquiatra y Psicóloga Marbella

Especialistas Psiquiatra y Psicóloga Marbella

Hallin Mental Care encontrar las mejores soluciones

Hallin Mental Care Marbella

Somos un centro de psiquiatría y psicología con consultas en Marbella, Málaga, Cádiz y Gibraltar, en expansión, y con una experiencia de 16 años en la medicina psiquiátrica online y Terapias Online.

A nuestros centros acuden todo tipo de pacientes y sus nacionalidades son muy variadas, atendiendo consultas en varios idiomas. Igualmente, ofrecemos la posibilidad, cada vez más utilizada por nuestros clientes, de ser atendidos por nuestras especialistas vía internet, de forma que puedan mantener su consulta fácilmente desde su casa o si se encuentran de viaje, con la comodidad que ello aporta y una total discreción. 

Psicologa Marbella - Psiquiatra Marbella Infanto juvenil

Psicología Psiquiatría Infanto juvenil

Psicologa Marbella - Psiquiatra Marbella

Todos nuestros profesionales tienen años de experiencia en el campo de la salud mental infantil. 

Psicología Psiquiatría Infanto juvenil Psicologa Marbella - Psiquiatra Marbella

 Es fundamental para el futuro de los niños la atención temprana a los problemas mentales ya que puede suponer el tener una vida feliz en la madurez. Apostar por la salud mental de su hijo y por lo tanto por su felicidad es la mejor inversión que puede hacer. Nosotros lo sabemos y queremos ayudarles.

Nos diferenciamos de otras clínicas en lo siguiente:

  • Tenemos personal formado en las mejores universidades, hacemos cursos de formación y de reciclaje con frecuencia y estamos a la ultima en nuevas técnicas y tratamientos.
  • Todos nuestros profesionales tienen años de experiencia en el campo de la salud mental infantil.
  • Nos importan la gente. Nuestro trabajo es vocacional..
  • Individualizamos el tratamiento para los cada niño o adolescente no etiquetamos a nadie. Cada persona es especial y nos adaptamos a sus necesidades
  • Nuestros niños y adolescentes tienen una gran variedad de terapias que varían desde las mas tradicionales como la terapia cognitiva conductual, hasta hipo terapia o terapia de boxeo ( para aumentar niveles de concentración o tratar episodios de rabia). Organizamos sesiones de meditación con una monja budista.
  • Intentamos no medicar a los niños. Sino hay mas remedio, nuestra farmacóloga infantil formada en la Universidad de Harvard, evaluara a su hijo y después de realizar pruebas de DNA y sanguíneas necesarias elegirá la medicación adecuada

Tipos de problemas comunes en la infancia:

  • Depresión, ansiedad, fracaso escolar, miedos, problemas de la alimentación, trastorno del sueño, dificultades de relación, fobias, problemas emocionales, celos, baja autoestima, problema de la conducta (agresividad, rabietas), problemas emocionales derivados de situaciones (acoso, adopción, muerte de un familiar, separación de padres)

Tipos de problemas comunes en la adolescencia:

  • Inseguridad, asertividad fallida, depresión, ansiedad, desmotivación, bajo rendimiento escolar, baja autoestima, problemas de adaptación social, obsesión, trastorno de alimentación, problemas de comunicación, trastorno de conducta debido a (drogas, alcohol etc…)

Psicología Psiquiatría Infanto juvenil – Hallin Mental Care


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Online Therapy - Hallin Mental Care

Online Therapy - Psychology Online 

You do not have time to go to the consultation. 

Online Therapy - Psychology Online  Hallin Mental Care Marbella

 Online psychology therapy services from Hallin Mental Care Marbella.

Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists, psychiatrists and psychologists who regularly undergo rigorous recycling and updating programs on the latest medical and therapeutic advances.

You choose the schedule and online psychologist available,
book your session and the psychologist will call you on your phone at the agreed time.
Chat with psychologist online.

Online Therapy - Did You Know? 

The therapy is an option of psychological consultation as valid as the face-to-face consultation, in fact it presents certain advantages over face-to-face consultation, such as saving time and the convenience of not leaving home or work.

Online or telephone therapy enables personalized psychic care from anywhere in the world, with results comparable to therapy.

Avenida Nabeul 14, Edificio Parquesol, Office 9
29601, Marbella
Teléfono: 952 771 197 –
E-mail :

Monday, 27 March 2017

Mobile website design 2017

Mobile website design 2017 

 Mobile website design 2017 marbella website designers

We are team of graphic designers and website developers and we provide Website Design and Development Solutions throughout the globe.  We have been working for over 5 years now providing designing, website and software solutions to clients globally.  The website will be custom made per your requirement and tailored to your specific / business needs all our website pages are mobile phone compatible.

real estate wordpress design marbella

WebsiteFeatures- Responsive / Mobile design compatible for all mobile devices        - Design flexibility- High quality images- Retina ready- Cross-Platform support- Unlimited reasonable revisions- Very attractive look and feel per your requirement- SEO optimized.- Server setup and site migration from local to liveSome of our areas of expertise includes- Web & Development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript & jQuery.- PHP & MySQL development- CMS site development including ecommerce integration.- WordPress / Joomla development including themes and plugins.- Responsive mobile site design and development.- Mobile app development.
Tel: +34 630 331 317 or +34 952 773 692