Thursday, 27 January 2011

SUBTEK Records - New Web Development

Subtek records. New Web Site Design - Now Online 2011.

The New Website Development for Subtek records online music label Is now Online.
Featuring the best drum n bass - Dub Step artists and music on the internet.
New Custom web site design and Development using Cutting edge HTML and Valid CSS

SubTek Record Label.
Good music for people who like it.
Diseño ideas marbella web design and web development

Marbella Pulse Web Design and Development 
Development using: HTML5 - CSS - Jquery javascript - Php Programming.

PULSE. New Design for Pulse Web Development.

PULSE: New year and New Design for The Pulse Web Development site.

ZUMO Logo Design for Zumo Directory.

ZUMO Logo Design Idea from Diseño Ideas.
Client asked for logo design to incorporate into a new web design for an online business directory.
The zumo website will include options for businesses or organizations to upload information and possible options to buy and sell online.

Brief: Clean - Bold - Modern