Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sukhothai Restaurante Marbella website launch from Diseño ideas

Diseño ideas Launch new website for Sukhothai Restaurant Marbella. One of the bast Thai restaurants and the first to open in Marbella. The purple modern decor with mirrored walls gives this restaurant all the cool, relaxed and elegant ambience.

The service is second to home and reflects the sophisticated menu and attractive setting, making you want to return to Sukhothai again and again. website designed using xhtml css and some cool javascript for images.

Diseño ideas launch Tip Tap records Online digital music label

Diseño Ideas Spain Launch the new Website for Tip Tap records. new digital music label featuring artists Medu, Bicoma, Aspec, Slz, Mr statik, Alberto santizzo and Alexis Cabrera. Tip Tap are currently releasing their latest track from Bicoma out soon.

Check  out their latest releases, some very cool music. Minimal website design using xhtml and css with a touch of flash thrown in for the logo.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Diseño Ideas web design spain Launch Profesora de Yoga Marbella

Diseño ideas are happy to announce the launch of  website for Yoga classes based in Marbella Spain.  Ser yoga offers information regarding Meditation, Body Balance, Healthy Living, Yoga for the elderly, Hata Yoga, Nutrition and Diets, rehabilitation physical and much more.

The website design was carefully planned with the clients requests and the project completed on time.
Diseño Ideas Spain created the website using W3C compliant and validated xhtml and css.
The client has also asked that the website could also be translated into english, this part of the project will be completed soon.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Look for Diseño Ideas Web site Design Spain

Diseño Ideas Web Site Designers and SEO Search Engine Optimization Specialists Spain has been Re Designed.
The Marbella Spain - Web Design Team have given the website a Fresh New look, keeping up with lastest design styles from around the world. The Website Design for Disenoideas has been developed using XHTML / CSS / FLASH and some cool JAVASCRIPT. just to add some movement into the web design.

The front page of the web site has given space to the most important part of the company, Its Clients.
Posted weekly are new web design ideas and projects that are in process, also featuring the latest websites launched onto the world wide web from Diseño Ideas. All the web projects are completed using latest design styles and up to date xhtml and css, All websites are also given a Validation Certificate from the W3C web validation service,  showing that time and consideration has put into the website construction and coding used to produce a fully working validated website.
We also give our clients websites some SEO Search Engine optimisation at the launch to generate web traffic. for example = Homes Deluxe Marbella has been optimised concentrating the Searches for Marbella SEO.

Marbella Photo new website launch -Diseñoideas web design spain

Diseño Ideas - Web design spain are happy to announce the launch of Marbella Photo
The website Promotes Photography for business  and property sales and Postcard images from Marbella, Granada, Malaga, Ronda in Andalucia Spain.

Marbella Photo is offering commercial photography for the real estate sector, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, postcards, and also inviduals who wish stockphotos for their webpage, etc. In some occasions we use HDR (High Dynamic Range) which is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminances, between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wider dynamic range allows HDR images to represent more accurately the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bluhill Financial Website Launch. Diseño Ideas web designers spain

Diseño Ideas Are happy to announce the launch of the website of Sussex Based Financiers, BluHill Financial.  Advising, Arranging and Trading for private and Corporate clients.

basic xhtml and css website design, with strict design guides for corporate image and logo design.

Homes deluxe Marbella. Diseño ideas spain website launch

Diseño Ideas Website Design Spain are  happy to announce the launch of our latest client project, Homes Deluxe Marbella Spain, a web site for a luxury property sales company in Marbella, Spain. With exclusive properties form Marbella´s most prestigious estates, La Zagaleta, El madronal and surrounding areas.

After we put our Diseño Ideas style creative website design then Zumointernet placed the back end needed to run the system.  web development included  HTML, crafted a bespoke CMS using PHP and MySQL and hooked it all up to an attractive front end. We also added our usual blend of jQuery with a new twist for some special effects.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

diseño ideas launch majokamusic website. Diseñoideas web designers present the launch of the new website from singer Song writer Maja Erlandsson.
 Majoka is putting together the finishing touches of her second album, "Shades of blue" which she produces on her own label majokamusic. This time we can look forward to a further distinguished sound where she experiments more both instrumentally speaking in her playing, as well as vocally.

The web design Project was completed before sheduled release date, using W3C validated XHTML and CSS  and has been carefully crafted to Maja´s personal taste, previewing a selection of music from her debut album, "Let Me Be Me" and from other projects such as remake of the 60´s group the gimmicks, "Move to the Bossa Groove" majoka on vocals.

Another project from Majoka has also been given and airing on her new website, from Plasma People where Majoka shows her talents in a completely different spectrum of musical skills and styles, producing some very stylish chillout tracks

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blucars New Diseño ideas Launch.

The Diseño Ideas, are happy to announce the launch of our latest client project, Blucars, a web site for a high end sports car sales company in Marbella, Spain. marbella team produced a smooth classy, front end web design and created the functionality ideas for the web design that provides ease of use to any visitor.
The project was completed on time working in cooperation with local design agency, Zumo Internet who provided a bespoke CMS using PHP and MySQL and also added our usual blend of jQuery with a new twist for some special effects hooked it all up to the front end design.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Pulse fm marbella.
After a busy summer of marbella events and parties, the pulsefm and the plasma people crew got creative.
Plasma people, Majoka from with David Hopkins and Victoriano Chamizo from marbella, have turned out some lovely new music for your listening pleasure...

so without anymore words, here are the new songs,,,,,

C´YA.. vocals by Majoka

INDIGINO. Piano by majoka

thanks for dropping by to check out the tunes....
more coming soon.......

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

google squared - search engine news,

google in search of the perfect search!!

Google unveils new search engine tools.The event was called "state of the union" Google released today there new product and the word "SEARCH" takes on a whole new meaning. As they continue to control the US market with 63% compared to thier closest rival coming in with just 20%, google unveil there new search engine tools.

GOOGLE SQUARED "Searchology. !!! wow thats a big word, and whats it all about?

Are they are asking predetermined questions and setting criteria for the answer?

Do they look for a numerical value within two places and extract that and file it?
they must also place paramitors or something so that silly answers are flitered, key phasing will be improtant to get included into a table.

So what is being told about there new creation?

Google's Marissa Mayer said "The race in search is far from over and innovation and continued improvement is absolutely pivotal, I've said this many times but search is still in its infancy.
Our engineers are worried about what is the next big thing in search and how are they going to find it,"

Ms mayer, Vice president of search products and user experience.she also states
"Google gets better all the time" and so she should as Google released over 365 products in the first quarter of this year.

"Google is saying we have to provide for all searchers and do things at scale. It means they have to launch all sorts of features while some companies can concentrate on just one thing. The key thing behind why they are still ahead is because they are able to innovate at such a pace," said Ms Fox.

Google Squared

During the "Searchology" event at Google's Mountain View headquarters, Ms Mayer and her team showcased four new products that she said would give users a "different way to look at the web."

Google Squared is still experimental and far from perfect said the company One of the more experimental was called Google Squared which will go public in the next month or so.
It takes information from the web and displays it in a spreadsheet in "split seconds," something Ms Mayer said would normally take someone a half a day to do.

During the demonstration, a query for "small dog" was typed into the search box. Seconds later a table popped up showing photographs of various dogs, their origin, weight and height in a clear and simple layout.

While Ms Mayer described this product as "transformative" she would only hint at the specific techniques that Google uses to drive this feature.
"I think we can open the kimono a little bit without talking about the computer science behind it.
"What they are basically doing is looking for structures on the web that seem to imply facts. Like something 'is' something.

Saturday, 21 February 2009 workshop of dreams

Cero19 workshop of dreams is now online.
What is - Each dream, is the sketch of a unique piece”. Cero19 is a virtual space directed to all those people who make their dreams reality.Our primary target is to stimulate the artistic creation and to establish a pulse to spread and to reinforce the bonds to us between art and society. With this idea we decided to establish two lines of services:One the artistic community Cero19, where Professional and art lovers of the world of the contemporary art can find A place to present / display their work of a personal form, to share Experiences and knowledge, to participate and to propose projects, to sell their works through our store online and all the possibilities That can arise from the work in common.
In the other line of services we carry out the development of Integral projects of decoration and the image of companies, particular events, presentations and celebrations, collaborating with artists Of the Cero19 Community and professionals in the world of decoration and Design.
WHO WE AREWe are a group formed by artists, project managers and professionals of the enterprise world and the communication and we propose a model of management for the market of the contemporary art, where the creative process merges with tools and methodology of other economic sectors and enterprise. We personalize alliances with the purpose of engaging to personalize each Project and help them with reaching their objectives, considering their Possibilities, necessities and restlessness and offer a choice of channels where they can find the best results.
ISAACYMANU- Coordinadores.
PEDRO GABIOLA- Arte y empresa.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE. In Cero19, any person can participate whoever loves to enjoy artistic creation.Every visitor, can sail by the entire Web, comment on works, leave a message on our blog or ask for information from Cero19.If what you want is to participate in the Cero19 Community, in format Cero you can have your own personal space to share Your photos and to receive commentaries of your works, or in Format 19, if you prefer to have your own Mini-Web site, to share Information, collections, to have your own friends, blog, to participate in The forums, to propose projects and to have but possibilities of promoting your Work.These formats, Cero and 19, are directed towards artists As to curators or merchants that want to promote their artistic Spaces or to collaborate with the artists who are found in the community. In the registration page you found all the Necessary information.
In order for us to improve the service we offer you can write to us with your options, suggestions to this email:

Cero19 Colection.
Relating to art in a simple fashion through artistic creations and enjoying the advantages that RodeArte offers and to create your own collection of contemporary art and take part of the cultural art of the moment.
At Cero19 we are working to create an environment of trust, where clients that want to purchase a works of art or to create or add to their contemporary art collections. It will also be a venue where clients invest, sponsor or take part in a cultural event, while being looked after and be given advise at all times by devoted professionals that love the work they are doing.
To become an active member of this project all you have to do is to register with the Cero19 Collection and you will be added to our mailing list and you will receive weekly emails containing new artists, collections, event invitations and projects. You can also create an account paying a monthly fee of your choosing and through it you can invest at any time as much or as little as you want. The fees that you pay will allow you to purchase art works or contract any of our services.
With your account you will have access to our virtual gallery, visit expositions before they are offered to the general public. You will receive discounts of up to 15% in all of your purchases. You will also be able to request any information you may need on your favorite artists. We also manage purchase with artists that do not part-take in the Cero19 project. Our weekly newsletter will inform you of any special offers that are available.
By filing-in the Cero19 questionnaire you can request any information you may desire and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.