Wednesday, 13 May 2009

google squared - search engine news,

google in search of the perfect search!!

Google unveils new search engine tools.The event was called "state of the union" Google released today there new product and the word "SEARCH" takes on a whole new meaning. As they continue to control the US market with 63% compared to thier closest rival coming in with just 20%, google unveil there new search engine tools.

GOOGLE SQUARED "Searchology. !!! wow thats a big word, and whats it all about?

Are they are asking predetermined questions and setting criteria for the answer?

Do they look for a numerical value within two places and extract that and file it?
they must also place paramitors or something so that silly answers are flitered, key phasing will be improtant to get included into a table.

So what is being told about there new creation?

Google's Marissa Mayer said "The race in search is far from over and innovation and continued improvement is absolutely pivotal, I've said this many times but search is still in its infancy.
Our engineers are worried about what is the next big thing in search and how are they going to find it,"

Ms mayer, Vice president of search products and user experience.she also states
"Google gets better all the time" and so she should as Google released over 365 products in the first quarter of this year.

"Google is saying we have to provide for all searchers and do things at scale. It means they have to launch all sorts of features while some companies can concentrate on just one thing. The key thing behind why they are still ahead is because they are able to innovate at such a pace," said Ms Fox.

Google Squared

During the "Searchology" event at Google's Mountain View headquarters, Ms Mayer and her team showcased four new products that she said would give users a "different way to look at the web."

Google Squared is still experimental and far from perfect said the company One of the more experimental was called Google Squared which will go public in the next month or so.
It takes information from the web and displays it in a spreadsheet in "split seconds," something Ms Mayer said would normally take someone a half a day to do.

During the demonstration, a query for "small dog" was typed into the search box. Seconds later a table popped up showing photographs of various dogs, their origin, weight and height in a clear and simple layout.

While Ms Mayer described this product as "transformative" she would only hint at the specific techniques that Google uses to drive this feature.
"I think we can open the kimono a little bit without talking about the computer science behind it.
"What they are basically doing is looking for structures on the web that seem to imply facts. Like something 'is' something.