Thursday, 15 October 2009

diseño ideas launch majokamusic website. Diseñoideas web designers present the launch of the new website from singer Song writer Maja Erlandsson.
 Majoka is putting together the finishing touches of her second album, "Shades of blue" which she produces on her own label majokamusic. This time we can look forward to a further distinguished sound where she experiments more both instrumentally speaking in her playing, as well as vocally.

The web design Project was completed before sheduled release date, using W3C validated XHTML and CSS  and has been carefully crafted to Maja´s personal taste, previewing a selection of music from her debut album, "Let Me Be Me" and from other projects such as remake of the 60´s group the gimmicks, "Move to the Bossa Groove" majoka on vocals.

Another project from Majoka has also been given and airing on her new website, from Plasma People where Majoka shows her talents in a completely different spectrum of musical skills and styles, producing some very stylish chillout tracks

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blucars New Diseño ideas Launch.

The Diseño Ideas, are happy to announce the launch of our latest client project, Blucars, a web site for a high end sports car sales company in Marbella, Spain. marbella team produced a smooth classy, front end web design and created the functionality ideas for the web design that provides ease of use to any visitor.
The project was completed on time working in cooperation with local design agency, Zumo Internet who provided a bespoke CMS using PHP and MySQL and also added our usual blend of jQuery with a new twist for some special effects hooked it all up to the front end design.