Friday, 30 May 2008

listen to music

big big thanks from David Hopkins.
firstly i would like to thank all the response from all the very nice people that have come and listened to and dowloaded my music. its free.. this year ive been lucky enough to have had some of my very own tracks released through elektek recordings.
whislt studying at manchester music university, my very good friend Dean thomas aka D-funk collaborated with richard jones aka djmaddog and his N:D:E crew to create elektek recordings. elektek is a new and fast moving digital music portal with tracks available for download. you can also hear and keep informed about new releases from elektek at
another bit of exciting news from the manchester based label is a new distribution deal, read on.

Elektek Signs New Distribution Deal
Elektek is proud to announce that they have just signed the most important contract to date with a highly regarded distribution company, artists using this company include; Ali Shaheed Mohammed, Barry White, Beverley Knight, Darren Tate, Fatboy Slim, Goose, Hil St. Soul, J Majik, James TaylorQuartet, Jive Bunny, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Louis Armstrong, Mott The Hoople, Nat King Cole, Rosie Gains, Shut Up & Dance and The FreeMasons.

As from the next release in June, Elektek tracks will be available on more that 200 download sites worldwide inc. Beatport, 3BeatDigital, Audiojelly, BeatsDigital, ClickGroove, Dance-Tunes, DJ Download, Higher Frequency, Juno Download, Magnetic Grooves, Music Choice, Resonant Vibes,Rhapsody,Tidy Digital,Traxsource, XpressBeats, Zooloader and many more….
Here we go!!!

well with all that said.. i wish them all the luck and success.

so go along and have a listen to David Hopkins new releases on elektek here on myspace..

Monday, 5 May 2008

diseñoideas by

diseñoideas by the pulse fm. by

web design and graphic design, marketing and optimization.
video, tv and music productions.

Visual design, the visual language.

Creative thinking in design is a thought process our company relishes, website design with flair or logo design with logic.
our design agency works in our own studio turning your dreams into reality.

From web design to print our graphic route is dynamic, continuously pushing the envelope of design and creative thinking.

Website design
Logo design
Print design
Graphic design

Creative thinking

Communication :: Exchange of ideas :: statement :: Message... our passion

Transmitting you idea and message in the crowd is the challenge.
do you shout louder or whisper in the right ear?

We are a bunch of design and marketing people collected in our agency, we specialise in website design, marketing and World Wide Web graphic message and marketing tactics.
Diseño ideas by is the creative design team working for you, but you do not want to go through paragraphs of copy about how great we are at graphic design or website design and marketing.

Online visual or audio, We will help.

marketing. marketing.

Beating the digital marketing client path to your door is half the battle, we want an action. Repeat business or stranger we will convert them into a paying customers with online marketing.
Our marketing agency develops your channels of communication, showing off your unique sales points and highlighting your desires to service the customer in away that develops relationships and continued business in a profitable way.
Marketing is more than SEO or a PPC campaign, its the hearts and minds war.
Branding from the customers view point and modelling your product around them, then delivering your message in your customers lanuage, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.
Adding value to the buying experience and interactiveity to the process, buying should be rewarding and fun, excite your customer.


Integral Services of communication, publicity and marketing.
Objective: To present the immense possibilities of your companyor event through the inclusion in mass media(written, radio, television and Internet)
Official notices. Press releases writing and shipment.Daily pursuit of information in mass media.
Organization of business lunches with journalistsand groups of interest.
Conference Co-ordination and organizationAdvice and Collaboration of media projects.
Official notices to listing of potential clients.
Flyer and poster design.Evaluation and Creation of Dossiers.
Consultant's office and production of its Graphical design,Post-Production Services and Edition.
Animation and effects 2D/3D.
Independent TV Productions.
Video production: Commercial, Documentary and music.Institutional Advertising campaigns.
as always there is music.

have some music